Satisfactory progress will require:

  • A “C” (70-79) or better on individual written exams, and a 2.0 overall GPA.
  • Successful demonstration of skills criteria, where applicable and mandated by State Agencies.
    Under Title 40, Texas Administrative Code, Section 807.161-164, students terminated for unsatisfactory progress cannot be re-admitted until a minimum of one grading period has passed.
  • All skills are outlined with performance criteria. It is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate competence by meeting the performance criteria.
  • At no time shall a student exceed 150% of the normal program length.
*Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA)
Theory – 3, Laboratory Skills – 1.5, Front Office/Insurance & Coding – 1
If the student makes a “B” in Theory, a “C” in Laboratory Skills and a “B” in Front Office, the GPA is calculated the grade scale is multiplied by the grade,  and the sum total is divided by the sum total of the overall grades for the subjects.
In this example, Theory - 3.0 x 3= 9
	               Lab Skills – 1.5 x 2.0=3
                           Front Office – 1 x 3= 3
	              GPA – 9 + 3 + 3 = 15 divided by (3+1.5+1)= 2.72


The Medical Assisting Program is divided into Modular grading periods which is 4 weeks per Module. The Nursing Assisting Program is divided into weekly grading periods. Students will be provided with the dates of the grading periods. This will be included in the Course Syllabus at the beginning of each course.


Satisfactory Progress shall be monitored by the instructors at the end of each grading period. Unsatisfactory progress shall be reported to the student in writing no later than a week after the end of the grading period.


Students receiving unsatisfactory Progress Reports will automatically be placed on probation. A student’s probationary period will be re-evaluated at the end of the next grading period. If the student’s standing cannot be listed as making satisfactory progress, the student will be terminated from the student roster. Notification of such termination shall be provided in writing to the student. In the event a student fails a course, he must withdraw from all other courses at the same time.
Any student placed on probation may request a review of their status by the Program Director. An appeal must be submitted in writing and contain any documentation of mitigating circumstances resulting in probationary status. Students will be charged an additional tuition fee to repeat any course failed or withdrawn from. The only exception will be for courses the student passed but is required to withdraw from, during a level due to failure of another course in that same level.

Refunds of tuition will be issued according to the Refund Policy.
Alliance Career Institute does not offer non-credit or remedial courses.