Admission Policies

  1. All applicants must:
    • Be 18 years old or over
    • Read, understand, sign and receive a copy of the enrollment
      application and School Catalog.
    • Tour the school facility
    • Complete IN PERSON a copy of the Application Form
    • Be able to demonstrate the ability to read, write and comprehend the English Language
  2. For enrollment into the NURSE AIDE/HOME HEALTH AIDE TRAINING & COMPETENCY PROGRAM, applicants will provide documentation verifying education level. Documents that may be accepted to verify education level are:
    • A copy of the official transcript, showing completion of High
      School and/or College; OR
    • Any Diploma from a higher level of education, including G.E.D.,
      High School or College Degree; OR
    • Achievement of the following minimum scores on the Aptitude
      Test developed by Alliance Career Institute: Language Skills: 45, and
      Math Skills: 40
  3. For enrollment into the MEDICAL ASSISTING PROGRAM, the
    applicant must
    • Provide High School Diploma or its equivalent as established by
      the General Education Development Equivalency Test (GED). The
      prospective student must furnish a copy of an official transcript,
      diploma or certificate. Foreign education will require nationally
      recognized credentialing;
    • Demonstrate good physical and emotional condition and be free
      of communicable diseases as evidenced by a physical examination
      completed by a licensed physician and documented on the school’s
      official Form;
    • Be able to speak, read, write and understand English;
    • Achieve a minimum score on the Aptitude Test developed by
      Alliance Career Institute: Language Skills: 50, and Math Skills:


All students are at risk of being exposed to communicable diseases during the course of the program. For this reason, every student will be trained in accordance with OSHA regulations, especially in relation to Universal Precautions, prior to clinical experience. This will enable the students to learn about ways to protect themselves and also to receive care in the event of exposure to a communicable disease.


The purpose of this is to offer the opportunity for applicants who have prior education to apply for advanced placement in the curriculum. All challenge/transfer students must take the pre-entrance exam and meet the minimum requirements for acceptance into the program.


CREDIT BY TRANSFER – For credits that are no more than three (3) years old.

CREDIT BY CHALLENGE – For credits that are three (3) years or older, or for courses that are similar as verified by Course Syllabi.

  1. Upon receipt of the approval letter, the applicant may schedule to
    take the appropriate advanced placement tests.
  2. Applicants not receiving a passing score will not be given credit
    for any course.
  3. Applicants will only be approved to take the Advanced Placement
    Tests ONE time.